Ways to Make Your Commercial HVAC Unit More Energy Efficient

Energy-efficient HVAC unit in a grocery store.

Ways to Make Your Commercial HVAC Unit More Energy Efficient

Due to inefficiency, many industrial and commercial buildings lose as much as 30 percent of the energy they pay for. You can rely on us to help you find the best strategies for reducing the energy consumption of your commercial HVAC system.

We know everything there is to know about commercial air conditioning repair in LA, and we can also offer suggestions for improving the efficiency of your building’s HVAC system.

Clean The HVAC Systems Coil Regularly

A commercial HVAC system relies heavily on condensers and evaporator coils to perform their cooling and heating duties. In an air conditioning system, the evaporator coils draw moisture and heat from the indoor air, while the condenser coils release the hot air outside.

If the coils are covered with dirt and debris, they will have considerably harder difficulty transmitting heat. An increase in energy use, system overheating, and condenser failure could result from this decline in efficiency.

Clean or Replace the HVAC Sytems Air Filters Regularly

The smaller the particles the filter can catch, the better its efficiency. A poorly maintained HVAC system may struggle to do its job if the air filters are dirty and clogged. Worse, if the air filters in a business facility aren’t kept clean, allergens and other particles can spread throughout the space and lower the quality of the air employees and customers breath.

Regularly maintaining your commercial HVAC system helps it run more smoothly and efficiently.

Switch Off All Electrical Devices That Aren’t In Use

When plugged into an outlet, electronic devices continue to use power even when not in use. The United States Department of Energy estimates that between 5 and 10 percent of all household energy demand is accounted for by unused appliances plugged in and turned on at all times.

Electronics such as exercise machines, projectors, computers, machinery, and media systems should be turned off when they aren’t used in commercial buildings. It will reduce the amount of heat produced by these devices as well as the amount of energy they use. The energy required to run your air conditioner will decrease.

For maximum savings, it’s best to prioritize HVAC energy efficiency with total building energy efficiency.

Add Insulation To Windows And Walls

It’s possible for a commercial building to lose a significant amount of conditioned air if it isn’t adequately insulated. Improve the performance of your HVAC system by sealing in all the air and the warm or cooled air it generates. To make your commercial HVAC unit more energy efficient, wall and window insulation should be seriously considered.

Moreover, some common sources of energy loss include the plumbing system, ventilation systems, and electrical outlets. To reduce energy consumption, you can insulate them too.

Commercial ventilation system.

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