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Since it was founded in 1977, Airplus Refrigeration, Inc. has provided a comprehensive package of sales, design, installation and maintenance solutions to suit all of our customers’ needs. We are primarily a SERVICE company, and we never forget that our continued success depends on the loyal support of our customers. Thus, we continually strive to provide the kind of high quality individual service that our customers have come to rely on, 24 hours a day, every day of the year.
For more than 35 years, Airplus Refrigeration, Inc. has been respected throughout the industry for its leadership in delivering the highest level of customer service. We take great pride in our national account customer base and we’re factory authorized for most major brands and manufacturers.
Commercial Air Conditioner
As you contemplate a decision to do business with a firm like Airplus Refrigeration, we recognize that you need valid and compelling reasons to entrust us with the important responsibilities for which you are accountable. Our technical strengths, our commitment to quality and safety, our genuine desire to provide exceptional value, and most importantly our unique ability to derive at solutions to your most complex problems are such reasons.

“Quality maintenance isn’t cheap. Poor maintenance is expensive.”

Our service and maintenance department provide:

We understand that no other single system in your home plays a larger role in your comfort or how much your utility bill will be. That’s why we specialize in high efficiency cooling solutions that can cool your interior space in the most cost-effective way.

Airplus Refrigeration, Inc. provides service and repair the following systems:

At Airplus Refrigeration we specialize in providing sales and maintenance to Southern California’s growing restaurant industry. Our goal is to be the finest Commercial HVACR company.

Service Maintenance Agreements are tailored to your specific requirements. When you sign up for a Service Maintenance Agreement,you’ll be offering precedence scheduling and service repair discounts. If you’d like a free quote on a PM Contract, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

We’re well aware that no other system in your home has a greater impact on your comfort or utility bills than cooling systems. That’s why we focus on high-efficiency cooling systems that cool your space at the lowest costpossible.

Airplus Refrigeration, Inc’s Complete Commercial Air Conditioning Tune-Up:

Please schedule online your own Commercial Air Conditioning Tune-Up or call one of our dedicated staff members at 818.340.3644 Below is the diagnostic tests that one of our experienced technicians will provide to you at an affordable low cost.
  • Air Conditioner Repair
  • AC Compressor Repair
  • Condenser Freon Leak Repair
  • Repair Accessible Freon Lines
  • Replace Furnace Control Board
  • Repair Indoor Evaporator Coil
  • AC Freon Leak Repairs
  • AC High Voltage Repairs
  • Frozen Air Conditioner Repairs
  • Capacitor Repair
  • Worn AC Wiring Repair
  • Repair Damaged Control Voltage Wire
  • Air Conditioner Condenser Fan Motor Repair
  • Thermostat Repairs and Replacements
  • Duct-work Leakage Repair
  • Repair Drain Lines
  • Repair Abnormal Air Conditioner Cooling Operating Temperatures
  • Coil Repairs
  • Compressor amps inspection
  • Condenser coil inspection & cleaning (water only)
  • Condenser fan motor inspection
  • Condenser fan motor run capacitor inspection
  • Control compartment cleaning
  • Fan belt inspection & adjusted as needed
  • Filter replacement or cleaning
  • Freon level inspections
  • General wear, rust & deterioration inspection
  • Inspect condenser fan blade for wear & balance
  • Inspect exposed fittings if freon level is low
  • Motor amps inspection
  • Safety controls inspection
  • Starter contacts, switches & relay inspection
  • Starting components inspection
  • Temperature differential inspection
  • Terminal connection tightening
  • Thermostat calibration inspection
  • Complete cycle operation check
  • Inspect unit for proper refrigerant level.
  • Clean dirt, leaves and debris from inside cabinet
  • Inspect base pan for restricted drain openings
  • Inspect coil and cabinet-clean as needed
  • Inspect fan motor and fan blades for wear and damage
  • Inspect control box, associated controls/accessories, wiring and connections.
  • Controls may include contactors, relays, circuit boards, capacitors, sump heat and other accessories.
  • Inspect control box & electrical parts
  • Inspect compressor
  • Inspect and clean blower assembly
  • Lubricate motor and inspect and replace fan belt if needed
  • Check combustion blower housing for lint and debris
  • Inspect evaporator coil, drain pan and condensate drain lines.
  • Inspect for gas leaks in gas furnaces
  • Inspect burner assembly
  • Inspect ignition system and safety controls
  • Inspect heat exchanger or heating elements
  • Inspect fuel system-check for proper attachment to the furnace, any dislocated sections, and for signs of corrosion
  • Inspect control box, associated controls, wiring and connections
  • Clean or replace air filters
  • Inspect conditioned airflow system (duct-work) – check for leaks
  • Monitor system starting characteristics and capabilities
  • Listen for abnormal noise
  • Monitor air conditioning and heat pump systems for correct refrigerant charge
  • Measure outdoor dry bulb temperature
  • Measure indoor dry and wet bulb temperature
  • Measure high and low side system pressures
  • Monitor gas furnace for correct line and manifold gas pressure
  • Measure temperature rise and adjust airflow as needed
  • Check vent system for proper operation
  • Monitor system for correct line and load volts/amps & operation per manufacturer’s specifications
  • Provide system operation report and recommend repairs or replacement as necessary

Airplus Refrigeration, Inc. is your Southern California Commercial Air Conditioning Solution!

Airplus Refrigeration, Inc commercial service department professionals are ready to assist you with solutions for your facility. We understand the needs of our clients, which are primarily building owners, property managers and tenants. Our team of experts specializes in system design and installation, maintenance and repair, and testing and analysis for Commercial applications.
Since each client has a different set of needs, objectives and financial requirements, we prefer to meet with you personally on how to best achieve building profitability. Airplus refrigeration, Inc commercial technicians have only your best interests in mind.

We also offer:

Air Conditioning breakdowns are not cool, so our emergency air conditioning repair service gets your AC unit working like new in no time. Airplus Refrigeration, Inc Air Conditioning maintenance plan assures your AC is at its highest cooling efficiency at the lowest energy cost and won’t leave your place of business uncomfortable for guests or employees.

Airplus Refrigeration, Inc. also provides repair services
for the following brands of commercial refrigeration manufacturer’s: