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Airplus Refrigeration—Your Number. 1 Commercial Refrigeration Partner in Burbank, CA

Airplus Refrigeration is a recognized, 40+ year-old, Southern California-based company that specializes in commercial refrigeration, ice machine rental, air conditioning maintenance, and wine cellar installation.

We are a trusted choice in the Burbank, CA region due to our factory-authorized expertise, dedication, and flexible ice machine rental plans. Airplus Refrigeration is your one-window solution for commercial refrigeration maintenance and repair services.

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Easy and Hassle-Free Ice Machines Rental Plans in Burbank, CA

Buying a new ice machine, dispenser, or walk-in cooler for your business can be quite costly. At Airplus Refrigeration, we’re dedicated to boosting your profits and cost-efficiency. That’s why we offer flexible and hassle-free ice machine and dispenser rentals in the area.

Our trusty, high-quality ice machines and walk-in coolers for rent are well-maintained. They’re available in various sizes and volume capacities to ensure a regular supply of ice at your facility. Airplus Refrigeration is your source for trustworthy and inexpensive ice machine rentals in Burbank, CA.

Compelling Reasons For Partnering with Us

If you’re confused about choosing a reliable refrigeration and commercial air conditioning company in Burbank, partner with us without a second thought! With our undivided focus on customer services, we promise you proven excellence and technical expertise.

Our team can handle the most complex air conditioning, ice machine, and commercial refrigeration emergencies and help you get your business back on track ASAP! We offer:

  • Fast walk-in cooler and refrigeration repairs
  • Schedules refrigeration and commercial cooling maintenance
  • Authorized ice machine rentals and repairs
  • Ice machine and dispenser installation
  • Round-the-clock refrigeration services, and more!

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