Tips to Make Your Commercial HVAC Units Energy-Efficient

Tips to Make Your Commercial HVAC Units Energy-Efficient

According to MIT researchers, commercial buildings consume 20% of all energy consumed in the United States, with up to 30% of that energy going to waste. One of the biggest expenses a business must bear is the cost of HVAC units running all year. An energy-efficient HVAC unit will lower your electricity bills as it requires less energy to function.

With that in mind, let’s look at the tips to make our commercial HVAC units energy efficient.

Look Out For Escape Routes

The easiest way to make your HVAC units energy-efficient is to ensure there is no way for air to escape through. Make sure the windows and doors are properly closed when HVAC units are running. Use window blinds and shutters during summer to avoid sunlight coming in and heating the space. Proper insulation during winter will guarantee that HVAC units are not working overtime to warm your commercial building. In return, energy-efficient HVAC units will run at their optimal speed without increasing your electricity bill.

Install Energy Efficient Windows

During summers, HVAC units run over time to maintain cooler temperatures in commercial buildings. With regular windows, cooler air escapes through narrow passages, and warmer air infiltrates easily. This prompts HVAC units to consume extra energy to run full-time so that a cooler temperature is maintained inside. By installing energy-efficient windows, you can reduce the commercial HVAC units’ energy consumption by 50% and will run at their optimum speed without consuming extra energy. Energy-efficient windows reduce the infiltration of sunlight by 90%, keeping the inner space cool and comfortable.

Maintain Regular Maintenance of Your Commercial HVAC Units

The most used unit of your commercial building is most often neglected. However, regular cleaning and maintenance of HVAC units will ensure that filters are clean and debris free. There is no damage to the units, which might need immediate repair. If your commercial air conditioning is filled with dust, then it will consume extra energy to run properly. To make energy-efficient HVAC units, make sure that they are regularly cleaned and well-maintained.

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