Is Your Commercial Refrigeration Unit Not Cooling Properly? 4 Things to Try

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Is Your Commercial Refrigeration Unit Not Cooling Properly? 4 Things to Try

Commercial refrigeration units are one of the most vital things for many business owners. They store food and beverages at the right temperature, keeping them safe and cold. This can ultimately boost customer satisfaction.

If you notice your commercial refrigeration unit isn’t cooling properly, it might be time to do a little inspection. You can always call professional commercial refrigeration services, but there’s no harm in trying some simple things to find the fault and eventually the solution.

Let’s explore some things you can try.


Check the Circuit Breaker

Sometimes, a commercial refrigeration unit can be plugged in, but it might not display signs of power. When that happens, your unit doesn’t cool properly. If that’s the case, you must check the circuit breaker.

If everything is fine with the circuit breaker, the outlet might be causing the issue. To determine if the outlet has any problem, plug in another appliance to check if it turns on. If the appliance is receiving power, then your commercial refrigeration unit has a problem, and you must call a professional.


Check the Temperature Dial

Once you’ve determined that your commercial refrigerator is receiving power, check the thermostat. Check that the temperature is set correctly. There’s a chance someone might have reset it by accident.

According to the FDA, refrigerator temperatures must be below or at 40 degrees Fahrenheit. If you notice the dial has risen above that point, return it to the correct temperature. Check the thermostat regularly to ensure that it remains below 40 degrees.


Test the Gaskets

Every refrigerator door has gaskets to keep the cool air inside the unit. However, these gaskets wear away over time, which loosens their grip. As a result, it allows the cool air to escape outside, meddleing with your commercial refrigeration’s cooling.

An easy way to test it is by placing a paper bill halfway in between the unit and closing it. Once it’s closed, pull it out. If there’s resistance, your gaskets are working fine. If not, you need to replace your commercial refrigeration unit’s door gaskets.


Clean the Condenser Coils

Your commercial refrigeration unit has condenser coils that condense and cool the unit. Over time, these coils can accumulate dust and dirt, affecting your unit’s overall performance. That’s why it’s crucial to invest in regular commercial refrigeration maintenance.

When this layer of dust gets thicker, there’s no room for the unit to release the heat efficiently. As a result, the heat stays inside the unit with the cool air. Dirty or dusty condenser coils may be one of the reasons why the appliance isn’t cooling properly. To remedy that, clean the condenser coils properly and invest in regular maintenance.

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