How to Make Your Commercial Refrigerators Last Longer

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How to Make Your Commercial Refrigerators Last Longer

Watching your commercial refrigeration break down or malfunction can be worrying, especially for businesses in the food industry. Having a well-functioning commercial refrigeration unit is crucial for businesses to serve customers and make more profits. This is why, most owners try to improve their unit’s lifespan.

If you’re looking to extend your commercial refrigerator’s lifespan, here are some tips for you.

Place the Unit in the Right Place



Proper placement is crucial to ensure it lasts a lifetime. Usually, business owners keep their units in a nook in the kitchen, but this isn’t a suitable place to keep your refrigerator.

By placing your commercial refrigeration in such places, you restrict airflow and block proper ventilation. This can lead to high heat production. As a result, the unit needs to work harder to get rid of the heat. This can eventually lead to high utility bills and it may even malfunction.  So, keep your fridge in a cool place, ensuring proper ventilation.


Vacuum Your Cooling/Condenser Coils

For any commercial refrigerator, the condenser coil is critical for long-term maintenance. One of the most common reasons why commercial units malfunction before time is due to dirty and grime covered coils. However, you can easily prolong your unit’s life by keeping the condenser coils clean and well-maintained.

You can easily do so by using a hand-held vacuum to get rid of the dirt but ensure you unplug the unit before doing so.


Don’t Fill Your Commercial Refrigeration Beyond Its Capacity

Sure, your commercial refrigeration has good capacity and can take a lot, but there’s a limit to it. Most people exceed this limit, and this is one of the main reasons their units have short lifespans. When you fill your system beyond capacity, the unit needs to work harder to keep the items cool, increasing the load.

As a result, the commercial refrigeration breaks down. Plus, the refrigerator’s contents won’t cool properly, leading to wastage. Therefore, avoid stacking items and pushing in more than your unit can take.


Get Regular Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance

Whether it’s a commercial refrigerator or any other HVACR equipment, the golden rule to make it last longer is regular maintenance.

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