Different Types of Commercial Refrigeration

a stocked commercial refrigerator

Different Types of Commercial Refrigeration

Commercial refrigeration is vital for most industries and businesses. However, various businesses have different needs, which means they need diverse commercial refrigeration types. For instance, a grocery store would require commercial refrigeration with more space, energy efficiency, etc. Therefore, it’s crucial to make the right commercial refrigeration choice.

If you’re considering purchasing a commercial refrigeration unit, here are some types to help you out.


Walk-In Refrigerators

If you require too much refrigeration space, then the best option for you is a walk-in refrigerator. The best part about this refrigeration type is it has various options to choose from, which means you can take your pick based on your needs. However, remember that this commercial refrigeration type takes up a lot of space, so make sure you have enough space to place it.


Reach-In Refrigerators

In many kitchens, these sorts of units can be strategically placed to allow personnel to rapidly obtain important ingredients without having to leave their stations or hunt through a huge walk-in unit. Moreover, due to its versatility, low cost, small size, and storage efficiency, this is a highly popular refrigeration type in the food service business.


Horizontal or Chest Freezer

Chest or horizontal freezers are deep freezers that rest parallel to the floor. When it comes to storing food, this static refrigeration machine is great. These refrigeration units work best in summers, especially if there are any power outages; the chest freezer can help keep the food frozen for long periods maintaining its integrity. Moreover, they also have a lower energy consumption.


Serve-Over-Counter Refrigerators

Pastry, cake shops, sandwich shops, and other confectionery shops all require refrigeration since it allows them to display the contents and products. Therefore, serve-over counter refrigeration units are perfect for such businesses. Customers can easily look through them to pick and assist themselves with serve-over-counter refrigerators. Moreover, if you’re not down for these units, you can opt for a similar refrigeration type—a countertop display refrigerator with a glass covering for the items.


a stocked commercial refrigerator


Under-Counter Refrigerators / Freezers

If you need extra space and some under-counter room, under-counter refrigerators and a freezer are the perfect options. However, they aren’t effective for large commercial needs since they offer limited space.


Bar Refrigerator or Back Bar

Bar refrigerators come in a whole category, including back bar refrigerators, keg coolers, plate chillers, and other types. To make the under-counter bar area look more streamlined, this type of refrigerator is typically made with black vinyl or stainless steel exterior.


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