Unavoidable Guidelines for Commercial AC Installations

Split AC on a concrete building

Unavoidable Guidelines for Commercial AC Installations

Commercial air conditioning for your business is a profitable investment that will lead to your employees’ and customers’ comfort and satisfaction, increasing productivity. A good HVAC system is a worthwhile investment. However, if not installed correctly, it can be very costly.

We wouldn’t recommend installing a commercial AC unit on your own as a professional specialist’s assistance is required for the complex process of commercial AC installation. A professional contractor will install it efficiently and give you a few maintenance tips to extend its longevity.

Before choosing an air conditioning service, you should learn about its installation process to get the best commercial air conditioning service in LA:


Types of Commercial AC Units


Packaged Air Conditioners

Packaged ACs, more commonly known as rooftop units, are commercial AC units installed on the building’s rooftop. Packaged ACs are stronger and have more capacity to keep the entire building cool during warm seasons. It’s a highly-efficient commercial AC unit with a modest footprint.


Split System

Split AC components are installed both inside and outside. It’s the popular commercial AC unit choice. The outdoor component is made of a compressor and a condenser coil. The installation process is a lot easier than other commercial ACs.


Heat Pump

Heat pumps are similar to split ACs. Depending on the requirements, heat pump units extract heat from the air and move it in or out of the building.


Mini Split

Mini-split units are ideal commercial ACs that give more control in regulating energy use and temperature. A mini-split AC extracts heat from outdoors and distributes cool air through the airflow of the handling units.


Air Conditioner Installation Guidelines

  • Set a time and date with the installation company and get the site ready for a timely installation.
  • For rooftop AC units, early morning would be recommended.
  • Move the equipment to the installation site.
  • Remove the existing AC units.
  • Install new ductwork before installing the units.
  • Depending on the type of AC, prepare the rooftop supports or other concrete wall support for split AC units.
  • Once the unit is secured, indoor and outdoor components should be connected. The electrical lines, refrigerants, and drain pipes must be measured and installed beforehand.
  • Connect the thermostat.
  • Clean the contaminants from the refrigerant and draining pipes.
  • A final assessment before running the system.

Other Things to Consider

To maximize the commercial AC unit’s efficiency, here are a few other things to consider before the installation process:

  • AC unit size
  • The durability of the unit
  • The building design or layout
  • Seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER)


AC in an unfurnished commercial space in LA

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