Signs Your Commercial Refrigeration Unit Needs Repairs

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Signs Your Commercial Refrigeration Unit Needs Repairs

Our commercial refrigeration units function all day long, allowing us to run our businesses smoothly. Keeping these units well-functioning is crucial, but that’s only possible with regular maintenance.

However, sometimes our units bog down and require repairs. Here are some signs indicating your commercial refrigeration unit needs repairs.


Failure to Maintain Proper Temperatures

Ideally, a commercial refrigeration unit’s job is to maintain a stable temperature to keep the cool air circulating in the unit while keeping the warm air out. It’s not a good sign when your unit’s temperature starts getting too cold or hot. Irregular temperatures can easily spoil your food, jeopardizing your business operations.

If you notice irregular temperatures in your commercial refrigeration unit, you need to call in a repair expert.


Water Leaks


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Have you seen water puddles around your refrigeration unit? As normal as this may seem, it’s not. Water leaks can be one of the top telltale signs your unit isn’t functioning properly.

Water leaks arise when your unit overheats or there’s some electrical malfunctioning. These leaks aren’t just risky for your unit but can pose a hazard for customers and staff. So, make sure you get a repair if you spot any leaks.


High Energy Bills

Is there a spike in your energy bills? Are you wondering what’s the reason behind this? Well, it might have something to do with your commercial refrigeration unit. When your unit isn’t working properly, it overworks to keep its contents cool. This strain causes a rapid spike in energy bills.

If you notice an unusual spike in your energy bills, you might have to give your commercial refrigeration expert a call for repairs.


Ice Forming

Whether there’s ice on the door, coils, or the inside of your commercial refrigeration unit, this isn’t a good sign. One of the top signs indicating a repair is ice buildup. This accumulation may mean your refrigeration isn’t maintaining regular temperatures or is experiencing an overload.

If you spot any ice buildups, immediately call a professional to repair your unit.


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