How to Clean a Commercial Walk-in Cooler

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How to Clean a Commercial Walk-in Cooler

Cleaning a walk-in cooler is daunting, especially when you haven’t cleaned it in a long time. However, a clean walk-in cooler is vital to avoid regular walk-in cooler repairs. Are you looking for the easiest way to clean it?

Here’s the guide you need!


Clean it Regularly

The most effective technique to clean your walk-in cooler is cleaning it regularly. A regular cleaning routine is the secret to keeping any walk in unit clean. You can easily avoid excessive dirt buildup when you clean your walk-in cooler daily and the area around it.

So, ensure your staff cleans the unit first thing in the morning. We understand an everyday cleaning routine can be tiring, this is why so you could clean it every two days. Doing so can easily get rid of any spills, mold, or dirt.


Use a Simple Cleaning Solution


a sponge with soapy water


Whether you’re cleaning it daily or weekly, your holy grail for cleaning needs to be soap and water solution. Most people often use harsh cleaners on their units, ruining the unit’s metal. This often leads to costly repairs and upkeep issues and a shorter lifespan.

So, make sure you use only soapy water. To clean your walk-in cooler, dip a sponge in the solution and scrub the entire unit—make sure you remove the items first. After you’ve gotten rid of all the stains and dirt, wipe the unit down with a damp cloth and then once again with a dry cloth.


Clean the Evaporator and Condensing Coils

If you’re looking for some deep cleaning for your walk-in cooler, then you’re in for a treat. Pay attention to the evaporator and condensing coils once you’ve cleaned your HVAC unit with the soapy water solution.

Dust accumulation on the coils can compromise the unit’s functioning, affecting its cooling capabilities. However, with a little cleaning, it will be as good as new. You can use a brush to dust off the dirt, or if it’s too dirty, dip the brush in the same soapy water solution and then clean it.

Follow this cleaning routine once a week, and your  walk-in cooler will function efficiently.


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