Mistakes That Damage Commercial Refrigerators

A refrigerator placed beside the store counter

Mistakes That Damage Commercial Refrigerators

If you ask a business owner who runs a convenience store what the backbone of their store is, they will tell you that it’s the refrigerators. The appliances store drinks, food, water, and so much more, and if they are placed in a convenience store, they run 24/7, making them highly susceptible to damage.

Commercial refrigerator damage is a cost-intensive situation because refrigerators already take up a good share of your energy bill. Getting them fixed means more money going out of your pocket and leaving no storage space for refrigeration-based products.

Being a business owner, you must avoid these common mistakes:

1. Not Maintaining Required Temperature Levels

The most common mistake many refrigerator owners make is not maintaining the required temperature levels. A refrigerator stores countless items, but to keep those safe and secure, it needs to be set at a temperature that allows it to provide enough cooling.

2. Not Picking the Right Place For the Refrigerator Placement

Another common mistake is to place the refrigerator in an enclosed area. Since they mostly run 24/7, they need cool air to cool them down from the outside. The condenser and evaporating coils can also catch dirt, causing the cooling capacity to fall.

3. Not Cleaning Them Regularly

Anything that runs as frequently as the refrigerators will require regular cleanups to maintain its original capacity. Over time the refrigerators end up storing lots of food and water residue that limits their cooling capacity if they are not cleaned.

4. Not Closing the Door Properly

This is a common occurrence from the customer’s end. They open the refrigerator but don’t close it properly once they’re done using it. Half-closed doors make it harder for the refrigerator to maintain the required cooling temperature as the heat outside finds its way in.

5. Not Following the Storage Limit

It may seem convenient to fit as much stuff in the fridge as possible, but you shouldn’t do it. There is a limit on the storage capacity of the fridge because it needs to have some space for the cooling air to travel easily.

If you somehow stock it more than its capacity, the motor will find it harder to maintain the temperature, which will eventually cause the fridge to stop working.

6. Not Replacing the Coils

The condenser and evaporating coils are important components of a fridge, as they are responsible for the smooth functioning of the refrigerator. Having dirt and dust placed over them can lead to malfunctioning.

You must keep a close eye on the coils and replace them when they get old or pick up dirt.

 Refrigerators placed in the corner of a store

Running a convenience store is not easy. You have to take care of many different functions, and refrigeration maintenance is one of them. If you are looking for refrigeration maintenance service Los Angeles, contact us. We provide refrigerator maintenance and repair services.

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