Here Are 4 Refrigerator Maintenance Mistakes You Should Stop Doing Right Now!

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Here Are 4 Refrigerator Maintenance Mistakes You Should Stop Doing Right Now!

Commercial refrigerators are built to last long but often malfunction or break down in a shorter time. Although 24/7 usage can cause wear and tear, the lack of maintenance or mistakes also often causes commercial refrigerator malfunction.

There are plenty of refrigerator maintenance mistakes business owners or managers make. These mistakes can lead to different types of malfunctions in commercial refrigerators. Sometimes, they don’t even know they are harming the refrigerator before it’s too late. Let’s take a detailed look at some of these mistakes.


1. Poor Ventilation

Refrigerators generate heat when they cool the air inside the unit. The whole process results in a lot of heat energy being released into the surrounding. If the refrigerators are kept in a corner where there’s no ventilation, the surrounding air remains hot, affecting the refrigerator’s efficiency.

Moreover, no ventilation also results in quicker dust and debris building of the refrigerator parts, causing them to break down over time. Make sure to improve ventilation indoors or keep your refrigeration unit in an open space.


2. Overstocking

Although commercial refrigerators are designed to stock heavier loads of items compared to normal fridges, they still have a maximum capacity. If you overstock the refrigerator, it won’t be able to cool properly and may overwork, leading to the refrigerator breaking down quickly.

Make sure you stock your refrigerator as per its capacity only.


3. Damaged or Worn-Out Gaskets

Gaskets are the rubber seal on the door and the frame of the refrigerator. They help seal the door, trap the cold air inside without letting it escape, and prevent warm air from entering. Gaskets can often wear out with time or get damaged, due to which the cold air escapes the refrigerator, making the refrigerator work excessively to maintain an internal temperature.

The overworking of the refrigerator can lead to it breaking down. Make sure to check the gaskets regularly and replace them if there’s even minor damage.


4. No Regular Maintenance

Commercial refrigerators require regular maintenance to function properly and last long. Regular maintenance includes a lot of things. Cleaning the condenser, cooling coils, and evaporator, changing the water filter if your refrigerator has one, and overall service of the refrigeration unit is necessary. The refrigerator’s drainage system needs to be cleared regularly.


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All of this should be done by professionals who have the required equipment and training to perform the maintenance and repair work. If you’re searching for reliable professionals to repair or service your commercial refrigerators, Airplus Refrigeration can help you.

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