How to Keep Your HVAC Unit Up and Running?

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How to Keep Your HVAC Unit Up and Running?

Starting and sustaining a new business is not simple. It requires patience, diligence, and perseverance. One crucial aspect of running a successful business is to protect your investment in long-term assets such as commercial vehicles and the property’s HVAC system.

Avoiding regular HVACR maintenance can lead to costly repairs and even replacing expensive components. Airplus Refrigeration Inc. is one of the best commercial HVACR companies in Los Angeles that can help you maintain your HVAC units.

Let’s look at some simple tips to maintain your HVAC system.


Replace and check the air filters

One simple way to keep your HVAC unit from malfunctioning is to clean its air filters regularly. Due to excessive debris and dust, the filters may get clogged, affecting the functioning of the cooling system. It’s best to check your air filters and, if necessary, get them replaced after every few months. This helps the HVAC system to draw in air efficiently and reduce your utility costs.


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Keep the outdoor HVAC units safe from debris


If your business has outdoor heat pumps and cooling systems, you must keep them protected against debris such as tree leaves and branches. This will keep your cleaning and repair costs to a minimum.


Make sure to clean your registers


As important as it is to keep the outdoor units away from debris, it’s also crucial to keep the indoor registers from accumulating dust. Regularly cleaning your registers will prevent dust from entering the vents, promoting better airflow and efficient cooling.

If your registers haven’t been cleaned in a year, it’s best to call for an HVAC maintenance team to take care of the issue before it’s too late. In worst cases, you may have to replace your indoor registers to ensure better ventilation and cleaner air.


Cleaning your condenser and evaporator coils


Want to keep your energy costs low? Make sure to clean your evaporator and condenser coils at least once a year. This helps you keep your HVAC system running efficiently using the minimum energy. In other words, if your coils are unclean, the HVAC unit will need to consume more energy than required.


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Schedule regular maintenance


Running a business is all about keeping your costs low. One fool-proof way to do so is to be serious about maintaining your expensive equipment and assets. An HVAC system is a huge investment for any business; if you don’t want to end up paying thousands of bucks in replacement and repairs, you must maintain it well.

Call a professional HVAC maintenance service and schedule seasonal inspection and maintenance. The experts will not only clean your vents and registers, but they’ll also identify any potential problems in the system and prevent them from developing into more serious issues.

If you’re looking for commercial HVACR repair and maintenance services in LA, we’ve got you covered. At Airplus Refrigeration Inc., we also offer commercial cooler repair, air conditioning repair, and commercial ice machine installation services.

We also offer 24/7 emergency services to ensure that your refrigeration and cooling systems always function at their best. Our team provides the best customer service without compromising on work quality. If you have any questions, contact us today.

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