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Welcome to Airplus Refrigeration, Inc. your source for the best ice makers available on the market today. We want to provide your commercial establishment with a reliable source of ice that is:

  • Fixed Price
  • Hassle Free
  • Flexible
  • Reliable

Airplus Refrigeration, Inc. prides itself in being a provider of rental commercial ice machines. Our rental program provides owners with an alternative to purchasing. Our rental ice program includes:

  • Ice Machine
  • Bin or dispenser
  • Water Filters
  • Ice Machine
  • Bin or dispenser
  • Water Filters

All of the above items are included for a small FIXED monthly rental fee depending on the ice capacity your location requires. Airplus Refrigeration, Inc. has ice rental plans starting as low as $134.99* a month. With no large up front capital required, Airplus Refrigeration, Inc. Ice Machine Rental program provides business owners with flexibility and peace of mind with one low fixed monthly payment.


A Our Maintenance FREE Pledge:


Airplus Refrigeration, Inc. provides and takes responsibility for the ice machine, bins and dispensers, ALL for one convenient low fixed price.

We will handle: responsibility for the ice machines, bins and dispensers – all at no additional cost to you. We will handle:

  • Installation
  • scheduled Maintenance
  • Filter Changes
  • Repairs, including parts and labor

Airplus Refrigeration, Inc. Ice Machine Rental Program BENEFITS:

  • Fixed monthly rental fee
  • No more expensive repair bills
  • No Worries
  • No Hassle
  • Flexible (Upgrade for a nominal fee)
  • Great customer service
  • Service 24/7/365
  • Guaranteed Ice Pledge (Same Day Service)

Size Estimator:


Don’t know how big of an ice maker that you need? Here are our basic guidelines which serve as a starting point. Airplus Refrigeration, Inc provides your commercial establishment clean ice at a fixed monthly rental fee – it’s that easy.


Ice Machines offered:


We offer Manitowoc ice machines ranging in size for rental from 300 to 1800 lbs/day. We also have the Manitowoc ice bins that will fit all your needs. Our bins range in size from 300 to 1300 pounds.


Our goal is to provide clean, reliable ice at a reasonable price. At Airplus Refrigeration, Inc. your ice machine professional take care of everything for a low fixed monthly fee. Our certified and trained technicians will install top of the line Manitowoc commercial ice machines, along with bins or dispenser and guarantee clean, reliable ice production for a low fixed monthly fee that gives business owners ultimate peace of mind that is hassle free!


Ice Usage Estimates


Approximate Daily Usage
5 lb. per guest
10 lb. per patient
1.5 lb. per customer
3 lb. per customer
1 lb. per person per event
Beverage Service
Quick Serve Restaurant
5 oz. per 7-10 oz drink
8 oz. per 12-16 oz. drink
12 oz. per 18-24 oz. drink
Convenience Store
6 oz. per 12 oz. drink
10 oz. per 20 oz. drink
16 oz. per 32 oz. drink



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