Leasing/Rental Options


We offer Commercial Heating & Air Conditioning equipment leasing in the Southern California area. Leasing plans start at a low monthly fee and offer a great capital alternative to purchasing new HVAC equipment. Please contact Airplus Refrigeration, Inc. at 818-340-3644 for more information!

Small initial outlay required – A lease rarely requires a deposit or large initial payment. Important cash resources are saved for other purposes e.g. reducing overdrafts or purchasing stock.


Income generated may exceed rental paid – The equipment used may help generate additional income. The extra may be sufficient to pay the rental therefore becoming self-funding.

Tax efficient – Tax relief is generally allowable on the whole rental. VAT can be reclaimed by registered businesses.

Flexible rental structure -Rental periods can be constructed to suit the customer’s requirements by tailoring the initial deposit and the number of monthly rentals, providing this is no longer than the expected life of the equipment.

Upgrading equipment – With technology improving at an ever increasing rate, leasing your equipment is a sensible solution for ensuring you are at the cutting edge of your industry by having the latest equipment and the chance to upgrade the lease on new terms.


We offer ice making equipment rentals in the Southern California area. Rental plans start at a low monthly fee and offer a great alternative to purchasing ice making equipment. All repairs and maintenance are provided free of charge!

Here are some of the benefits of renting ice making equipment: