Hardware And Gaskets

Design, Build, and Installation

Airplus Refrigeration, Inc. is a premium provider of custom refrigeration gaskets and hardware replacement. We specialize in replacing gaskets, handles and other related hardware. This is clearly demonstrated in our quality of work and attention to detail.

Refrigeration Door Gaskets:

Gaskets provide a seal around the cabinet door to prevent outside air from entering the unit when the door is closed. Old or damaged gaskets can lead to outside air leaks, resulting in higher refrigeration temperatures, excessive frost buildup on the evaporator, spoiled food and high energy consumption. Fact: Research shows that if a gasket is not sealing, the cabinet can work up to 30% harder and longer than if the gasket is sealing properly.

Refrigeration Door Gaskets:

Walk in cooler and walk in freezer door closers can help save energy by insuring the door is closed between entering and exiting. Additionally, door handles and hinges over time can become broken or damaged and need to be replaced.
Our hardware & gasket specialists provide fast and professional service and excellent products all at competitive price.
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