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Energy Saving Maintenance

Energy Saving Scheduled Maintenance Agreements


A maintenance agreement is our personal accord with the owner of the equipment. This agreement allows us to inspect, clean, circumvent and repair all impediments before they become major problems. Our refrigeration service agreements follow a detail orientated procedure allowing us to increase the efficiency of your equipment while discovering any system difficulties that you may be experiencing.

Maintenance Pays


A lot rides on your Refrigeration, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems. From the operating and energy costs, to emergency repairs, it pays to keep your HVACR system operating at peak efficiency. In fact, a regular HVACR Refrigeration Maintenance program can pay for itself, if not save you money. At Airplus Refrigeration, Inc., we focus on improving your comfort while reducing your business’s energy and operational costs. Promoting sound environmental stewardship, we help you ‘go green’ to reduce the emissions and energy consumption of your heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.


By simply maintaining your HVACR system and reducing your energy consumption, our scheduled maintenance solutions help fund themselves. In fact, we have found that every $1 our customers spend in maintenance can spare them as much as $3 in repair costs.


Product independent and service driven, we are dedicated to reducing your HVAC & Refrigeration system’s operating costs and improving your energy efficiency through regular HVACR maintenance.

Keep Emergencies at Bay


While we offer Emergency Services, we do our best to make sure you never need to utilize them. Through our Proactive Maintenance Programs, we help you identify and avoid problems. With quality maintenance we can track efficiency, replace damaged equipment, and determine when systems can no longer meet usage requirements and need retrofitting.


What are the benefits of a maintenance agreement?


The benefits of a maintenance agreement include:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Lower energy costs
  • Extended equipment life
  • Discount on Parts
  • Inhibits small problems from becoming large ones
  • Reduces the number and cost of repairs
  • Priority service
  • We call you to arrange an appointment around your schedule
  • The agreement is transferable
  • Extended appointment hours that allow you to be present during our performance procedure.
  • Friendly advise on energy conservation ideas and options.



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